A Sign or A Beautiful Manifestation

May 21, 2018

Someone very special to me, for reasons I wish I could express, disappeared completely without any explanation at all about seven years ago. I asked the Universe to give me a sign to see if I needed to keep sending love to someone who was gone from my life. I asked him/her/it to show me a license plate with with all of his initials on it. The three letters of his name needed to be on a license plate before I could keep sending love to someone that had left me behind.

I started seeing license plates that had either one or two of his initials but none with all three. Three days after I has asked for this, while being at home watching a movie, a friend of mine, who I had not talked to for over two months, out of the blue texted me saying: “Hi Judi, hope you are doing good. This is going to sound strange but today I had a huge impulse that I needed to take a picture and then send it to you” I of course was not sure what this picture was about or what she was trying to say to me. She sent me the picture and to me amazement, what I saw was greater than any other manifestation experience I have ever had.

This picture had a car in it with the main focus of it’s license plate that didn’t have the initials I had asked three days before, but it has his first name. The Universe showed me that he/she/it is listening and gives us so much more than what we ask. We only need to trust. So you can imagine, the amount of love I keep sending to this person will only grow with time and after this amazing experience.

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