August 28, 2018


I grew up believing that love was something I had at home but that if I wanted to have it outside my home, I needed to work hard at making it happen. So, for many years, I did my anything possible in order to be the best I could, I helped people, I gave things to people, I was super nice to everyone, and so much more, only hoping that by doing so, anyone would finally see that I too could be loved.

I helped people in so many ways, I worked so hard at being patient, good or well behaved, to the point that I would not cause any problems at all, and pretty much, I would just do things that people would ask me to do just to make sure they would love me or accepted me for who I was.

Well, the result of all that hard work after so many years was simply…………Painful

No-one for “some strange reason” would not be able to love me or at least appreciate who I was.

So, what is love? Where do I find it? Who is worth of having it or receiving it? And, who is worth of giving it? How do I truly know for sure that I am being love?

Ok well, this is what I found out……

* First, let me tell you what our dictionaries said about Love:

- Profound concern and affection for another person.

* An intense feeling of deep affection.

* A deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.

* This is what some people say or believe:

* Love can’t be explained, it has to be experienced…..But how?

* Here is my perspective about love according to my own experiences and own studies:

* Love is simply pure Positive focus on everything and everyone, including and most importantly, ourselves.

Now, how do I know this?

Because I wasn’t able to find love until I looked at myself directly into my eyes and saw that they were bright. A moment that gave me a beautiful emotion within me. During this short moment, I was able to truly appreciate and focus in something so pure and positive about me.

This felt so good that things didn’t stop there, after two weeks of pure positive focus on my bright eyes, I somehow, started noticing that even my cheeks were starting to have some beautiful, radiant and natural color. Once I noticed it, my emotions and feelings of joy and love towards myself increased so much more.

After an entire month, the only thing I could truly see was a natural and very beautiful aspect of myself, and for the first time ever, I felt a true emotion towards myself………Love. Unconditional Love.

All alone, the love I was so desperate looking for outside of me was ALL the time just within me, waiting for me to see it, to feel it, and to keep it forever, or at least, notice it forever.

Now days, wherever I go, I can truly feel the love that people gives me without me having to do anything at all, other than, have a complete positive focus towards myself, in other words…….Loving myself.

So, there you have it………

Start looking within yourself and you will experience and feel a love I cannot even express, but that I can assure you, it is very much so real and feels really good.

But, don’t be surprise if after you start loving and putting yourself first, you start loving everyone like never before, putting them first, because at the end, you will realize, They Are All You!

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