Making Magic Happen

May 21, 2018

My daughter and I wanted to go to the movies, I knew I had a $20.00 dollar bill in my purse. Before making the decision to go the ATM, I said to the Universe: “You know what? I think you should pay for the movies, don’t you think? Is it possible? Would you be able to do this for us? I think you can!! Then I left with a huge smile on my face and not thinking too much about it. We went to the ATM and I could only get $40.00 out. So at this point, I had three $20 dollar bills in my purse. To make sure, I did get the three bills and look at them one by one, hoping a miracle would happen. We were still happy and celebrating the idea that we could actually go to the movies and have some fun. The movie tickets cost $ 19.00 dollars so I gave him one of the twenty dollar bill I had and he gave me a $1.00 dollar bill. At this point, I had a total of $41.00 dollars in my purse. For some reason, I got all the money out and counted it again. After the movie, my daughter said that she wanted to have some donuts and since we had a little more money that we had expected, I said: “yes, why not” We drove to the donut place and order a half dozen of them. They told me it was going to be $11.00 so when it was time to pay, I got my purse to take a twenty dollar bill and the one I had received few minutes ago. But, to my surprise, when I took the money out, I actually had $61.00. Three twenty and one dollar bill…. How was this possible? Well, remember I had asked the Universe to pay for our movie? He literally did and it was a very magical and beautiful moment. Now, I know many people would say that I had miscounted the money, but I know I didn’t, plus I have never before counted my money so many times for no reason really, just an impulse and the entire time, I only saw my one twenty dollar bill, then my three twenty dollar bill, then my two dollar bill and the one dollar bill, and finally, three twenty dollar bill and a one dollar bill.So not only the Universe payed for our movie, but he also gave me one extra dollar bill. 

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