Raising the Bar with Manifestations

May 21, 2018

I was still new at working with Manifestations otherwise known as “The Law of Attraction”. One day, I was forced to put manifestation into practice with something more significant and kind of scary for me.I have always been very punctual with my payments, but this time, I had an $80.00 credit card payment and I didn’t have the money for it, so I was starting to be afraid of not been able to get the money, but then I thought to myself: “No, I won’t worry, I know the Universe is taking care of it somehow, so I won’t even think about it at all”.That was two weeks prior to my payment due date and for the first time, I really and completely had let go of it and trusted the Universe 100%.Sure enough, two days before my payment was due, I went to check my mail and to my surprise, there was a $100.00 check for me and until this day, I still have no idea who send me this check to me or why I got it. I payed my credit card bill feeling happier than ever, knowing that the Universe truly was taking care of me with certainty.

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