The Zebra Car

May 21, 2018

My daughter and I wanted to manifest a zebra car. For 3 days we did a 5 minute mediation but for two weeks, nothing happened. One day I asked her what she was really thinking about and she said she was wondering how something like that could be possible?Then of course, I had some doubts as well, so that day we decided to let go of the “how” and the “doubts”.After another two weeks, we started to celebrate, pretending that we had already seen the zebra car. We were screaming, dancing and saying out load: “Universe, thank you, thank you, thank you because we saw the zebra car, thank you, thank you, thank you”. We were laughing and just having tons of fun, and then we just stopped and completely let it go. After 5 minutes of driving, we actually saw the zebra car driving right next to us!We were extremely thankful with the situation and with the Universe, and of course, very happy about what had just happened. Two weeks later, we saw another zebra car parked at the grocery store. Soon after a friend told me about an accident that had happened on the freeway with a zebra car. A few months later, a limousine was parked in front of my daughter’s school and guess what? It was a zebra limousine and apparently it was the only one in the entire state of Oregon.  

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