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Judith Cunningham

Life Coach/Mentor & Inspirational Speaker

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As I struggled with overcoming physical and mental abuse, Judi was able to provide me with the tools to begin recovery. She gave me solid advice on self-respect and learning how to love myself. Also, she emphasized the importance of forgiveness and the healing power that it has.

Judi has a special way of looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty. She has unequivocally helped me with my overall outlook on life and the beauty of the journey.

Houston, TX
I have known Judith Cunningham for three years and have found to be a very compassionate and caring life coach. She is able to connect and empathize with people from all ethnic, religious, and sexual orientations, as well as people of all age groups.

She utilizes knowledge and skills from psychological fields as well as mind/body and spiritual traditions in order to accept people where they are now to move them forward to a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Her training and work with Heartmath has helped many with physical issues and self-soothing capacity. People find her engaging, empathetic and instructive in putting life principles into active teaching moments.

I have learned a tremendous amount from her in understanding my own role in my circumstances and capacity for change.

-Brian Liebreich, MD
When it comes to Judy, I just can't find enough words to describe how amazing and sweet she is.Her passion for helping others gain my confidence to hear her. Every advice she have given me makes sense and above all calms my anxiety. She gave me hope that I hadn't found in anyone else.

Judy has the wisdom to find out about me to provide the best coaching. For example, one day she told me to feel my heart with my hand at sleep (I had insomnia), once I noticed it I would be able to find inner peace and reconcile my deep sleep. I knew my heart was beating, dah, I put her advice to practice and Voilá, I managed to sleep much better.

Wow, I couldn't believe it, Judy helped me get to sleep naturally and quietly. I remember, there was a time I was very worried about something that could happen... I spoke to Judy and she made me see the reality, through her knowledge she showed me that it was not worth worrying about it in advance, she brought peace into me once again.

And many more examples. I trust Judy and I recommend her experience as a Life Coach. Her guide has helped me mentally, physically and emotionally. She's a great person to have in your circle.

-Sandra Valdez
Certified Medical Interpreter/Translator

Love is not something that is guarded or given to a few. For Judi, love is something she lets flow to all around her and will make a point of letting those that even hurt her, to see that they are deserving of love as well. Every time I work with Judi I feel a perspective shift and can fully come back to love, no matter what I’m going through. If you are looking for a teacher/healer, look no further. She is the real deal and she will show you what unconditional love and spiritual enlightenment are truly about.

Judi is one of the most loving people I have ever met. She not only understands love at the deepest, spiritual level, but she expresses it through all aspects of her life. She often shares her own journey’s in life so she can relate to anyone who may be suffering.  

-Michele Joy, International
Speaker, Coach, and Author
Judi has helped me in so many ways in just the few conversations we have had. She is amazing to talk to and she is so positive. She continues to help me isolate personal issues and she shows me that there is good in everything.

Every time we get together time fly's by and I'm left feeling full of happiness. I would highly recommend Judi as a life coach. She will change your perspective on life and LOVE.

-Adam Kenaston

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