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Within each of us there exists a powerful tool that, when intentionally activated, can aid our ability to sort through the mountains of information bombarding us daily and...



Stand-in Speaker at South Ridge High School: 

Self Importance and Self Control over their own Lives. Creating and Maintaining Positive Energy.



I help you discover and practice new ways to see for yourself how our feelings do affect our physical reality through simple and fun exercises.

  • Empowering People

  • Learning to Love Ourselves

  • Positives Attitude Changes Everything

  • Strengthening Families

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What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is when you ask God, the Universe, Energy, The Field of Potentiality, the Angels, the Buddha or anything you believe in, to bring or to give you something you have always desired. After meditation, thankfulness, appreciation, trusting or just simply having fun, this being grants you your wish.

Manifestation is when your thoughts and heart are in balance or in agreement with each other in order to fullfill your desires or wishes.

We have all thought about something and we received it, not knowing how it happened or how it could be possible. There may have been other times, we were thinking about someone intently and that person suddenly called us or we met them somewhere “accidentally”.

If you want to know more about Manifestation or how to create miracles or magic in your life, I would be happy to be your guide!

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I am not expecting any of you to believe any of the stories written here, but I can tell you that they were all very real, perfect and beautiful to me, to my daughter and to many other people. Since then, we do see signs, magic, miracles, and many other manifestations happening to us and to many other people ALL the time.You can choose to see them or you can choose not to, either way, you will always be right.

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