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Loving Life

Judith Cunningham

Life Coach/Mentor & Inspirational Speaker

Your Source for 
Personal Growth!

Love is Everything. Believe in It!


  • I help you discover and practice new ways to see for yourself how our feelings do affect our physical reality through simple and fun exercises.

  • I teach you some effective body positions that would give you comfort, power, strength, and so much more by helping your body release beneficial hormones and change the chemistry of your body.

  • I guide you through simple and fun techniques that would allow you to not only start loving yourself, but also see yourself with a completely different and more beautiful perspective. In other words, you find new behaviors to truly, fully and deeply love yourself.

  • I show you new and different methods to aid you in transforming your energy, the energy of an environment, in addition to the energy of food and drinks. By doing so, you will be able to manifest your desires, understand or see situations with a better perspective, and/or heal any part of your body.

  • You learn how to listen and feel your own heart, liver, stomach, and more so you can powerfully connect in a deeper level with yourself and every single part of your body.

  • We practice different breathing techniques to support and increase the strength of your immune system as well as to better control and/or increase your happiness, contentment, joy, peace, serenity, tranquility, confidence and a lot more.

  • Together, we develop a new and more positive vocabulary to better your communication not only with others but also with yourself.

  • I use different tools, including the ones from HeartMath Institute in order to show your better ways to relax and see for yourself the impact or importance of the use of positive thoughts, gratitude and love.

  • I offer a list of books, movies, videos and documentaries that would illustrate and explain in a deeper level why, what we do together in our sessions, does work. In other words, I will give you different resources to help you see and understand the science behind it all.

  • Last but not least, I do follow my intuition, awareness and perception so I can better and more efficiently assist each person independently; understanding and knowing that each being is distinctive as well as unique, and that we all have different experiences and feelings that we go through and that we can identify,improve, accept, appreciate and solve. This way, we will all achieve better and faster results in a daily basis.

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