A Christmas Manifestation

This is a story of a lady I had a conversation with at a Home Depot. I was buying some wall paint and while it was being prepared for me, her and I talked about Christmas. She told me that she will always remember when she was little and was always desiring, with all her heart, to have a real Christmas tree, but that her father would continuously tell her that it was not possible because they didn’t have the money for it.

She decided to not let that change the way she was feeling about having a real Christmas tree during that year. She continuously kept asking her dad to please get a real tree, but without hesitation, her dad told her over and over: “I don’t have money for it. We cannot afford it.”

Something in her heart was telling her that this, somehow, was possible. She decided not to lose hope and keep desiring her real Christmas tree.

Two days before Christmas, a truck full of real Christmas trees drove by their street and right when it was driving in front of their place, it “accidentally” dropped a real Christmas tree and the truck driver never saw it happening and kept driving away.

That day, she started believing that God really exists and that he was definitely listening to her wishes, and since it was Christmas, he gave her a gift she never forgot about.