A Green Man Getting
Out of the Car

I asked my sister in Colombia to play a little with manifestations, she wasn’t sure how to do it or what to manifest. I told her to try and find something she had never seen before but that it was easy to believe and fun.

She decided to ask the Universe to see something as simple as a white car with a green rhombus on it.

Days went by and she was not seeing anything. She started to get a little frustrated and told me that this was not working for her. I asked her to keep trying, to let go of the “how,” the frustration and the worry about not seeing it yet.

I guess she did listen to me and completely forgot about it because one day while going to the parking lot of her place, she saw a white car with a white rhombus on it. She got really excited, but right away she told the Universe: “Whatever, if this is true, where is the green? I don’t see the green anywhere, where is it?

Right before she finished her sentence, the door of the white car opened and here comes out a guy completely dress in green, from head to toe. He had a green cap and green overalls. She was so amazed and couldn’t stop laughing because of the way it had happened. She didn’t get the green rhombus, but she definitely got the green.

Since then, she is a big believer of manifesting, enjoying life and being really positive about most things in life.