Asking Angels for a Miracle

A friend of mine got into a car accident. Luckily, she was fine, but her car wasn’t. She was wondering how she could get another car since she didn’t have any money for one. I told her to try and be positive, ask the Universe or God for a new car and to celebrate anything that might look like a sign that she was getting closer to getting one.

She was very excited to start something new and play with this new idea or experiment. I told her she had nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.

She is a big believer of Angels, so she decided to ask her Angels to help her out get a new car. She of course, started being very thankful about everything, celebrating any little or big signs she was already seeing everywhere.

She did ask her son in law to please help her by being a cosigner at a dealership so she could get a new car. She did this without losing the faith that her Angels would definitely do something to help her out.

Her son in law agreed to help her and together they went to a car dealer to get her car. They said it was possible to help her, but that she needed to pay $1000.00 in order to get a new car. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have that kind of money with her so she had to go back home once again, without a car.

But, even though she didn’t get a new car, she kept the trust that her Angels would still be planning something beautiful for her.

For few more days, she kept celebrating, thanking and looking for any big or small sign she could see or find. After a week or so, a friend called her out of the blue and told her: “Hey, so I just bought a new car and now I have two cars. I want to give you my 2010 car which is in really good condition and you do not have to pay me anything” Please come and pick it up in a couple of days”

She hanged up, but couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was celebrating but in disbelief that all this could be true and that was actually happening to her. After a couple of days, she went to pick up her almost new free car, and to her surprise, her friend had put new tires and a new battery so she didn’t have to worry about anything at all other than, drive her new car back home.

She still celebrates and thanks her Angels every single day of her life for such a beautiful miracle. Because to her, Angels do exist and just like God, they too give you anything you ask for if you do keep your faith, knowing that everything would be OK