Watching the
Universe Work

One day I woke up feeling really good, actually, feeling really amazing about life, I had a happiness I cannot even express or explain.

Anyway, I felt like driving around and just enjoy the day. Suddenly, I decided to talk to this energy or what I like to call Universe saying something like: “Hmmmm I am feeling so happy, I wonder what I can do with this energy. What do you think? Do you think I can manifest anything I desire right now with this energy I have? What do you think Universe? Well, I haven’t asked for a free cup of tea in a long time, how about we do it now? Do you think it is possible? I think so”

Then I followed my routine of celebration by dancing, singing, and thanking for just really feeling so good and so happy at that right moment.

Of course, I followed my intuition and I went to the coffee shop to see what would happen. There was again a very long line of cars but I didn’t let that affect the way I was feeling. I did think/know that the people in front of me were going to pay for my cup of tea, so I celebrated it a little more by being very thankful. Suddenly I see two ladies walking in front of my car, each one holding a drink from the coffee shop. They had actually decided to go inside the coffee shop instead of waiting in the car’s line.

I saw them getting into their huge truck. This coffee shop has a very small parking lot and sometimes people have a little trouble getting out of it. I noticed that they needed me to give them a lot of space so they could turn around and get out of the parking lot.

I seriously thought they were trying to get out of the parking lot, when suddenly I just see them driving in front of me. Then I said: “Oh well, there it goes my chance of getting a free cup of tea.” But right after, I thought: “Well, there is still a possibility that something might happen in order for me to get my free tea.” And, of course, I kept celebrating my happiness and I didn’t let this situation change the way I was feeling.

Then when it was my turn to pay for what I had ordered, the person tells me: “Don’t worry, the people in front of you payed for yours"

Oh my gosh……. This had been such a perfect situation where all pieces were being put right into place just in order to give me what I had asked for. I saw perfectly every single step that had occurred in order to see a complete and amazing Manifestation.

I learned that day that everything in our lives really and truly is put into our lives just so we can have what we ask for the most, either consciously or unconsciously. And, that the only thing we need to do, is to be happy so we can receive it.

This was one of the happiest moments of my life, because not only I received my free cup of tea, but I also saw how all the pieces of life played an important part of my life to please me and help me increase my happiness.